Harry’s bio as written by him:

“I entered the Army the day after high school graduation on June 16th 1966. Basic at Ft. Bliss Texas AIT at Ft. Gordon Ga. September through December 1966.

He went to Jump school January 1967 then February Special Forces training in Charlie Company until he terminated in August 1967.

I was assigned to 2nd squad 2 platoon B company 1st. of the 502 ABN Infantry 101st August 1967 left for Vietnam in Operation Eagle Thrust December 12th 1967.

I arrived in Vietnam December 13th 1967 fought along side of Ronny Ymbras (the show’s host) until February 27th 1968 for the last time. A better bunch of guys I could never have found to war with!

I was dinged on Feb. 5th – Feb.11th – Feb 21st -Feb 27th 1968 with purple hearts on Feb.11 & Feb.27- 68.

Left the USS Repose on March 10th and arrived back in The World on March 13th 1968.

Retired FORCEFULLY on September 27th 1968.”